Shriram Blue Whitefield Bangalore

What Makes Shriram Blue Different From Others.

Shriram Blue is different from other projects. Really ?

Shriram developers are quite definitely one amongst the best realtors in Bangalore. Real estate, when compared to other fields such as media, journalism, sports and telecommunications has come a long way. On the contrary, Shriram developers have contributed in high end as well as economically stable parts of the city.  Projects like Shriram blue KR Puram Whitefield Extension has become the epitome of eco friendly project so we could have a sense of belonging towards the society.


Shriram Blue - Eco friendly residential project in kr puram whitefield bangalore.

Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue Location – KR Puram Whitefield Bangalore

Whitefield on the other hand, over the years has developed tremendously. With upcoming projects with varied interests by people as well as by Shriram developers, people do not mind investing in properties around that area. This investment could then turn out to be a permanent as well as a productive investment as buying your own land and building it would end up expensive than associating oneself with Shriram developers. Residents look for choices, price based and location based. Shriram blue kr puram whitefield looks for the same and strives to give what the residents deserve.

With periodic trend analysis looking at what area the projects would come up in, Shriram developer’s marketing strategy is so on point that they have categorized their priorities in a structured way. Often it is observed that elite realtors plan in such a way, either the price mentioned isn’t acceptable or the location is quite remote compared to other real estate king pins in Bangalore.


Shriram Blue off Hoodi junction Whitefield Bangalore.

Shriram Blue Off Hoodi Junction Whitefield


Even the website matters and has a vital part on how properties could be sold. One of the projects by Shriram, Shriram blue has streamlined its opportunities as opposed to threats to serve the society in a more economical way. A holistic approach by Shriram blue Bangalore  has made sure residents have visits to the site on a regular basis to have a hands-on approach to their decision of purchase.

Distribution of floor and master plans of the site, either via email or through newsletters is what Shriram believes in and not just updating their website. Few of the projects by them, such as Shriram blue off Hoodi junction Whitefield is a testament to the fact that they have a 360 virtual view of the house/apartment when its set and done.

We all would have come to a realization now that major realtors have websites that normally display the price up front which is often categorized. This sets a pessimistic mindset on probable customers that there is no negotiation. Shriram Blue on the other hand states that they could discuss the price of the property by request. By this, we could come to a conclusion that residents/customers could first visit the site, have a brief understanding of the surroundings, facilities, amenities and then come to a price related stand point.

Another motivating aspect to be associated with the project, Shriram Blue is that the developers often assist potential customers with loan benefits and discounts on selected projects/properties. Even the early bird benefits are up for grabs to attract and retain prospective customers.

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