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Investment Options In Emerging vs Established Real Estate Projects

Investments in real estate: Upcoming vs Established locales

Investment is a very integral part of future planning as far real estate properties are concerned. Bangalore, as a city has seen a lot of upcoming projects coming up. On the other hand, there are projects around the city which are already established. Residents, now are in a dilemma where all of the investment options come into picture. Shriram properties have been real estate king pins in most of the parts in South India. Especially in Bangalore, they have launched several projects that give people wide array of choices to invest on. Once such project is Shriram Blue. This project is located off old madras road in Whitefield. The location is close to all of the important landmarks in the city. With many IT hubs, reputed schools and mental institutions in close vicinity, Shriram Blue is the project which is affordable for people of all income groups.

Real Estate Investment in Bangalore

Real Estate Investment

Factors influencing the purchase decision: Upcoming locations

Three are many factors that come into consideration when making a purchase decision in upcoming locations.

  1. Current value of property: Residents should take into account the current value of the land before they make a purchase decision to invest in the property. The value of the land that is priced differs from time to time. Investing in upcoming projects can be a good choice when people are on a rental basis. Getting tenants for the property that the residents buy could be a good option as the value of the property increases gradually.
  2. Amenities provided: This also plays a major role in buying a land. Residents should come for periodic site visits in case they plan on investing. They should have a thorough enquiry on the amenities provided. Real estate projects have wide range of benefits that the customer can avail which is also based on the location. Closer to the city, the amenities are plenty. Shriram Blue which is off old madras road in Whitefield caters to the requirements when it comes to diverse amenities.
  3. Location benefits: Surrounding localities also matter a lot. If we have prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity, the land re-sale value increases at a very fast rate. Investing keeping the location in mind can turn out to be very profitable.
  4. Risk of growth: There is a risk factor while trying to invest in emerging real estate properties. If the decision is made based on other projects that are coming up around the same area, there is a higher chance of risk that upon purchase, the growth of the land might become stagnant.
Get High Return On Investment

Get High Return On Investment

Factors influencing the purchase decision: Established locations

Investing in established localities also has its ups and downs. Factor to be considered are as follows:

  1. Growth is already witnessed: The land value in established real estate projects is already high. Investing initially could turn out to be expensive. However, it has its own advantages.
  2. Reaching a point of maximum development: There will be a time when the infrastructure growth and development will reach its limit in case of real estate projects in established localities. Residents planning on investing here should have pre-determined mindset of bare minimum growth further on. Shriram Blue Project keeps their customers in mind and provide them weekly information once the project is under development in emerging as well as established localities.
  3. Limited scope for rentals: There is minimum scope for rentals in an established project. As the land development growth has reached its maturity, plans on purchasing land and having tenants to stay is a bit risky. Higher levels of growth of the land are not expected in these situations. Profit margins, therefore are quite low.
  4. Land already utilized: In case of established real estate projects, the total master plan is utilized. The wide-open spaces that were originally set will be now utilized. This restricts the profit perspective.

To conclude, Shriram Blue located off old madras road in an area which is under continuous development. Investing in Real Estate Property can lead to major profitable scenarios. Please call to book a life changing investment.