Shriram Blue Old Madras Road Bangalore

A Dream Investment Destination – Shriram Blue Now At Old Madras Road

Bangalore, with all of its glory has become a dream destination for residents to invest. With top notch realtors with their projects in and around Bangalore, the value of the land is increasing at a very rapid rate. Shriram properties have come up with one such project called Shriram blue located off Old Madras road. Located at this prime location, Shriram blue caters to all basic needs of potential customer planning to make an investment decision.


Shriram Blue is an upcoming project located at old madras road bangalore.

Shriram Blue – Old Madras Road Bangalore


The location provides benefit of important landmarks in the city. With multiple independent projects coming up along with reputed schools, colleges and hospitals in close proximity, the land value in and around Old Madras road is sure to increase in the near future. This gives the residents an opportunity to buy a property and give it on a rental basis to forecast the price trends and land appreciation. With affordable and world class apartments at bay, the journey to your dream house becomes that much easier. Come buy a house with Shriram blue and live a life filled with comfort and luxury like nowhere.

About the builder

Shriram properties have been at the forefront in the real estate market for a good amount of time and with its diverse range of projects in Chennai and Vizag, the group has a broad market reach for residential and commercial projects. Investing in Shriram blue is a one-time investment for first time house owners, taking the amenities and conveyance facilities into consideration. Shriram properties have completed around 4.8 million sq.ft of residential space and 1.03 sq.ft of commercial space. With all this experience in hand, the group carefully understands the requirements of the residents and helps them make the right investment decision. It has a national reach with a wide portfolio including residential, commercial, retail and luxurious integrated colonies/townships.

Why are residents heading to Old Madras road?

Investing in areas around Old Madras road is always a safer bet. The area is one of the top emerging and developing localities in Bangalore. It is always better investing in localities which are on its to maximum development rather than investing hard-earned money in areas which are already developed. This gives a feeling of relief as the resident has an expectation that the value of the land would increase based on other neighboring real estate projects, presence of several IT hubs, schools and hospitals.

There are other factors that can influence a purchase decision in places like Old Madras road.

  1. Shriram blue Bangalore has taken all the factors into account before deciding on the location at Old Madras road. This has given in depth thought after consulting the general public in the area.
  2. Benefits offered at Shriram blue Old Madras road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049 are plenty which complements the ecology factor of the project. With lush green surroundings and with wide-open spaces within the project, residents can breathe healthy.
  3. Old Madras road is well established as the central IT hub in Bangalore. With places like RMZ infinity, Embassy Gold Links, Mahadevapura in close proximity, IT professionals are at east that they wouldn’t have to travel far for their daily commute.
  4. Entertainment benefits at Old Madras road are plenty with renowned shopping and movie multiplexes close by. Family entertainment is not compromised when you are with Shriram blue Bangalore.


Price trends of KR Puream off old madras road bangalore.

Price Trends Old Madras Road – Shriram Blue KR Puram

Exciting floor and master plans on offer

Shriram blue Bangalore have 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments to offer along with 3 BHK luxurious duplexes. With optimum use of the space that was allocated by the management, the residents will have enough space to move around. Customer comfort and convenience is not compromised at Shriram blue. The floor/carpet size for 1 BHK apartment ranges from 600-700 sq.ft, 2 BHK apartments have a floor size ranging from 1150-1300 sq.ft, Floor size of 3 BHK apartments ranging from 1500-1700 sq.ft and 2000- 2200 sq.ft for 3 BHK apartments respectively. With these options, residents can choose the most appropriate option based on their convenience and affordability.

Price Affordability

The prices for 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments along with the duplexes are available on request. Shriram blue Bangalore pricing based on the economic status of each potential customer. Even the area development of Old Madras road plays an important role. All the conveniences, amenities at Shriram blue along with the overall development level in Old Madras road is a key factor in deciding on the price. Shriram blue Old Madras road being at its initial pre-launch phase is attracting potential customers for site visit so that they could have a real time site tour to plan their proceedings.

Why wait, please call or submit a query to schedule a site visit or to have all the details regarding price and amenities offered.

Shriram Blue Property Bangalore

Bangalore Property Price Trends – Overview

Before buying property – Check out Bangalore price trends

With multiple real estate projects by established and budding realtors all across Bangalore, the trend in the price increase or decrease plays a vital part. The prices of any particular real estate project in Bangalore across the city doesn’t stay the same. There are a number of factors like the location, neighborhood vicinity, amenities provided, in-city convenience and transport benefits that affect what the price might be. Renowned real estate developers, Shriram Properties have come up such a project called Shriram blue which is located in KR Puram which comes under one of the fast-developing areas in Bangalore. Localities like Whitefield is at its developmental peak with number of IT parks, restaurants, schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity. Some of the facts and figures gathered are from the latest edition of Economic Times, which gives us a specific trend analysis of property price trends in KR Puram. Similarly, Shriram Blue is one such project which is in the midst of everything. With high-end schools and hospitals, the safety of the residents is taken care off which makes KR Puram one of the best places to invest.

Bangalore property price trends by shriram blue

Bangalore Property Price Trends

Factors influencing rise or fall in prices of real estate property

There are a few factors that influence the rise or fall in prices as far as real estate properties are concerned.

  1. Transport and medical facilities: Not situated right along the main city of Bangalore, KR Puram has developed beyond any expectations. With the KR Puram railway station and the KR Puram metro station in close proximity, the location has excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. Well known hospitals are also located in close distances for emergency purposes.
  2. Educational institutions: Education has become as important as ever now. Residents planning on purchasing apartments at Shriram blue would tend to get worried if they would have to take travel distances to get their children educated at good schools or colleges. However, there is no such issue that is presented because present close to Shriram blue KR Puram are one of the top educational institutions. The scope of inconvenience is bare minimum as Shriram blue runs with a mindset to cater to all customer requirements.
  3. Land Value: It all depends on where the property is coming up. Shriram blue located at KR Puram serves the purpose. Located at a pristine locality with a wide-range of amenities on display, residents are quite happy to choose Shriram blue KR Puram as a viable investment option. The value of the land increases at a faster pace with other real estate developers coming up with projects in the same area. Purchasing land and renting it is a more profitable option that occupying the space initially.
Shriram blue residential project in KR Puram Off old madras road bangalore.

Shriram Blue Project KR Puram Bangalore


Profitable returns with Shriram blue KR Puram

It is definitely a safe bet choosing Shriram blue as a profitable investment option considering all the factors. Going distances for daily supplies and everyday conveniences is always difficult. At Shriram blue all these factors or requirements are met with world class amenities at the heart of the city. With the railway station and the metro line situated very close, residents do not have to worry about how to get from point A to B. Shriram blue also maintains the ecological balance in mind because it always feels better to get a resort-like living experience in a busy locality like KR Puram. Keeping in mind the changing price trends in the real estate market, residents are given the confidence of investing in this industry as opposed to other means of investment for a prolonged profit margin. Please call or submit an enquiry to have a scheduled site visit.

Shriram Blue - Real Estate Investment Old Madras Road

Investment Options In Emerging vs Established Real Estate Projects

Investments in real estate: Upcoming vs Established locales

Investment is a very integral part of future planning as far real estate properties are concerned. Bangalore, as a city has seen a lot of upcoming projects coming up. On the other hand, there are projects around the city which are already established. Residents, now are in a dilemma where all of the investment options come into picture. Shriram properties have been real estate king pins in most of the parts in South India. Especially in Bangalore, they have launched several projects that give people wide array of choices to invest on. Once such project is Shriram Blue. This project is located off old madras road in Whitefield. The location is close to all of the important landmarks in the city. With many IT hubs, reputed schools and mental institutions in close vicinity, Shriram Blue is the project which is affordable for people of all income groups.

Real Estate Investment in Bangalore

Real Estate Investment

Factors influencing the purchase decision: Upcoming locations

Three are many factors that come into consideration when making a purchase decision in upcoming locations.

  1. Current value of property: Residents should take into account the current value of the land before they make a purchase decision to invest in the property. The value of the land that is priced differs from time to time. Investing in upcoming projects can be a good choice when people are on a rental basis. Getting tenants for the property that the residents buy could be a good option as the value of the property increases gradually.
  2. Amenities provided: This also plays a major role in buying a land. Residents should come for periodic site visits in case they plan on investing. They should have a thorough enquiry on the amenities provided. Real estate projects have wide range of benefits that the customer can avail which is also based on the location. Closer to the city, the amenities are plenty. Shriram Blue which is off old madras road in Whitefield caters to the requirements when it comes to diverse amenities.
  3. Location benefits: Surrounding localities also matter a lot. If we have prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity, the land re-sale value increases at a very fast rate. Investing keeping the location in mind can turn out to be very profitable.
  4. Risk of growth: There is a risk factor while trying to invest in emerging real estate properties. If the decision is made based on other projects that are coming up around the same area, there is a higher chance of risk that upon purchase, the growth of the land might become stagnant.
Get High Return On Investment

Get High Return On Investment

Factors influencing the purchase decision: Established locations

Investing in established localities also has its ups and downs. Factor to be considered are as follows:

  1. Growth is already witnessed: The land value in established real estate projects is already high. Investing initially could turn out to be expensive. However, it has its own advantages.
  2. Reaching a point of maximum development: There will be a time when the infrastructure growth and development will reach its limit in case of real estate projects in established localities. Residents planning on investing here should have pre-determined mindset of bare minimum growth further on. Shriram Blue Project keeps their customers in mind and provide them weekly information once the project is under development in emerging as well as established localities.
  3. Limited scope for rentals: There is minimum scope for rentals in an established project. As the land development growth has reached its maturity, plans on purchasing land and having tenants to stay is a bit risky. Higher levels of growth of the land are not expected in these situations. Profit margins, therefore are quite low.
  4. Land already utilized: In case of established real estate projects, the total master plan is utilized. The wide-open spaces that were originally set will be now utilized. This restricts the profit perspective.

To conclude, Shriram Blue located off old madras road in an area which is under continuous development. Investing in Shriram Blue can lead to major profitable scenarios. Please call to book a life changing investment.

Shriram Blue project Amenities

Eco Friendly New Luxury Apartment In Bangalore – Shriram Blue

Live the Eco-friendly way with Shriram blue

Everyone has a necessity to invest in the real estate industry at some point in their lives. Owning a house which would be taken forward by future generations in any family plays a very important role. Something which we could call our own always gives us a sense of relief and comfort. It is always better in investing and associating with premier realtors for any property for commercial and residential purposes rather than investing in buying a piece of land and developing that ourselves. Investing in real estate like Shriram Blue also saves time and a considerable amount of money.

Shriram Blue Bangalore

Shriram Blue – Eco Friendly

We also care about the surroundings when selecting to purchase a house or property. None of us would want to live in a society or in integrated colonies which is affected by pollution from the neighboring areas. We always strive for living the eco-friendly way as breathing fresh air, with lush green surroundings is always a safer bet. Once such realtor is Shriram developers who have come up with a project called Shriram blue located off old madras road in Bangalore. This by far, is a project with the most ecological benefits when compared to numerous projects by other competitive realtors. Located in one of the busiest places in Bangalore, one would feel that such projects are quite in the center of action with pollution at its peak. However, the Shriram blue location is decided in such a way that it doesn’t impact the social, physical and the mental well being of residents who are willing to purchase.

World class amenities at a pristine location

Keeping in mind the location, the Shriram blue amenities are diverse in nature which adheres to all the norms of letting the residents have a pleasant and relaxed stay. Amenities such as Tropical garden, Aroma garden, Riparian plantation, tree house, interactive water fountains and a large swimming pool for kids and adults proves the fact that Shriram blue amenities are the best in the market and quite attractive. These amenities are decided keeping the ecology of the society that we live in. The Shriram blue location is also set keeping other neighboring areas in mind. With a number of IT parks, schools, colleges, entertainment centers and medical institutions in close proximity, children and adults can go about their activities in a much-relaxed manner with comfortable commute options. Set against a backdrop of the massive 250-acre Yele-Mallappa Shetty lake, Shriram blue offers a luxurious stay with a serene environment. With most of the lakes being contaminated and polluted in Bangalore, this lake serves as an example of a pollution free atmosphere for residents to relax in. Who says that we have to travel hours to have a glimpse of the ever-gleaming sunrise. At Shriram Blue, we have a sunrise point within the property area on the terraces which overlooks the serene lake.

Shriram blue amenities and specifications - call now

Shriram Blue Amenities

To conclude, we have a wide range of ecological benefits at Shriram blue so that customers when out in the city are relieved when they come back home at Shriram blue.

Welcome To Shriram Blue – A Magical Opportunity For Investing In Real Estate

Investing In Real Estate Properties Or Independent Plots Of Land

Every one of us, at some point in our life will face a situation of choices where we would have to invest the money we have saved all our lives. Often at times we are faced with a choice to invest money in a well established property or to invest in a piece of land we would want to develop. Realtors around the city have come up with various projects and one such realtor that continues to impress is Shriram developers. They have come up with multiple real estate projects which are in the midst of the city, however, have a resort like feeling when inside the property. Shriram blue is one such project. With wide range of floor plans, local convenience and plenty of benefits to be availed, the project is the one to invest on. Purchasing plots of land takes time and effort. We would have to take care of the land, recruit laborers to maintain the land; tie up with firms that supply raw materials to build a site, so on and so forth. It turns out to be quite expensive too. Such is not the case with Shriram blue Bangalore. They have plenty of projects in and around the Bangalore with close proximity to IT parks, restaurants, hospitals and educational institutions.

Shriram Blue Bangalore

Shriram Blue Bangalore

It becomes even more convenient when the site is ready and developed. This gives a sense of relief to the resident who plans on purchasing because all he would have to think would be about the floor plans and the design of the apartment. With varied designs in place and diverse dimensions, Shriram blue Bangalore is the property to invest in. Talking about amenities, they have plenty to offer. Shriram blue makes sure that the residents who decide on purchasing have a peaceful and a pleasant time while they are living at the property. Shriram blue Bangalore has come up with quite brilliant marketing strategies which are in line with the requirements of the customers. Getting the customers on frequent site visits, analysing their expectation and delivering them on time are the core principles of Shriram blue.

Get World Class Amenities At Shriram Blue

Amenities  benefits also come into picture. A world class real estate project with wide open spaces called for state of the art amenities. By providing benefits like swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, round the clock security operations at the entry and exit, highly technical gymnasiums, Shriram blue Amenities makes it a point to retain customers. By retaining prospective customers, they handle the word of mouth marketing aspect as well. This then increases the website traffic and increase in the number of queries as well.

Shriram Blue Amenities

Shriram Blue Amenities

Shriram Blue Price – Best In The Market

Talking about the Shriram blue price, it is the best in the market. With different price ranges for different floor plans, the customer has a feel of how worthy the project is. Different carpet size variations are also accounted for when setting the price. Often it is observed that realtors display the price of other projects and when it comes to site visit, the price is quoted differently. However, with Shriram blue Bangalore, what you see is what you get. They first get the customer to come to the site and look for themselves. After the customer decides on which apartment would be suitable, they decide on the price once the customer feels that it’s a good investment.

To conclude, Shriram blue is a magical opportunity to invest with world class facilities, natural ambience and a bright future to look forward to. Hurry up and call us to talk to some of the best in real estate and get your dream house. Remember, a house is never a home if it’s not yours.

Shriram Blue Old Madras Road

Real Estate – An Industry With Varied Benefits

Real estate as an industry is at its peak in our country. Specially in Bangalore, there are numerous realtors who are coming up with new projects in specific parts of the city to tap medium and upper scale markets. Back in the day, residents in and around Bangalore used to buy plots of land and then develop that themselves. If we take all the other factors into consideration, the overall expense of building or recruiting developers based on the floor plan we need turns out to be quite expensive. Instead people get in touch with well renowned realtors to get their requirements met. The advantage- realtors have projects with different floor plans, price ranges and amenities offered. This gives a sense of a comfortable stay for the residents with everything in close proximity. One such project is Shriram blue by Shriram properties located in the Whitefield extension off Hoodi junction.

Another important factor before making a purchase decision is the floor plan of the project and the price. The floor plan at Shriram Blue consists of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments along with 3 BHK duplex. This spans across the carpet size ranging from 600-2200 sq.ft for 1,2,3 and 3 BHK duplexes respectively.

Shriram Blue Old Madras Road bangalore

Shriram Blue Old Madras Road

Features impacting purchase at Shriram Blue

With impressive amenities offered at Shriram Blue, residents can scrutinize their fields of investment taking the price and Shriram Blue floor plans into consideration. The floor plan is quite diverse with 1,2,3 and 3 BHK duplexes at bay with size ranging from 600-2200 sq.ft for 3 BHK duplexes. Talking about Shriram Blue price, the developers have not put that out in the open. Prices for Shriram Blue can be obtained by request. This, right here is a very important thing to consider because talking about the price directly gives a sense of rushed purchase decision. Assisting prospective customers to come for a site visit, have a real time experience on how the floor plan looks like, would attract more prospective clients.

Shriram Blue Apartment Floor & master Plan

Shriram Blue – Floor & Mater Plan

Another critical aspect to be taken into account that would influence the purchase decision of the customer would be to have a comparative analysis of other projects by Shriram Blue Bangalore. Shriram Blue has completed over 4.8 million sq.ft of compete residential space and around 1.03 million sq.ft of diverse commercial areas with other projects coming up at developed cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Vizag and Kolkata.

In conclusion, we could infer that investing in Shriram Blue Bangalore is definitely a good option compared to other realtors located around the same area. With landmarks, educational, medical and IT hubs in close distances, the choice to invest becomes even more convincing. What are you waiting for? Please call us to submit a query and our dedicated team would get in touch with you for a detailed project description to suit your needs.

Shriram Blue – A Newly Launched Prestigious Apartment

Shriram Blue – A significant landmark

Shriram Properties is a firm that makes it possible for people to acquire their dream houses. It deals with the construction of commercial complexes and housing apartments. Established in 1995, Shriram Properties is a Bangalore based reputed firm. They have undertaken 50 projects out of which 18 are ongoing. It manages to build houses according to people’s insight addressing their lifestyle needs, quality of the apartment and keeping their affordability in mind. It provides efficacious and affordable housing in various states of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Kolkata. Out of the total area of construction by the Shriram group, 4.8 million sq.ft is of residential space and 1.03 million sq.ft is of commercial space. Shriram Blue is amongst the affluent upcoming projects of Shriram group. It provides all the desired qualities that a family looks for in a house and surrounding area in which they are going spend the coming years of their life.


Shriram blue is beautiful launched project.

Shriram Blue

Why Shriram Blue?

Located in the city of gardens, Bangalore, on the Old Madras road, Shriram group presents one of their spectacular projects known as Shriram blue. It is located in Bangalore’s most prime location with a wide open space and good connectivity to the outside world. It offers houses in various sizes in accordance with the need of the buyer. It satisfies all the conditions that buyers mostly put forward while looking for a perfect house. As many metropolitan cities in India provide Metro rail service to make travel easy and cheaper, buyers prefer to reside in a place which has metro connectivity to commute on daily bases. Namma metro, also known as Bangalore metro is the second largest metro network in India after the Delhi Metro whose Byappanahalli terminal connects the vicinity makes it more appealing.

What to look for while buying a house?

Investing in real estate is the safest deal to make but it turns out to be unsafe if not done carefully. There a plethora of things that one should look for while buying a house because it is not a matter of days but one has to spend the rest of their life in that space. Therefore, it must be comforting and worth the efforts. Amenities to look for while buying a house:

  • The location of the apartment matters a lot. It is not only about shifting to a new house but surrounding area also counts to the benefits of the house. For example, one should see if the area has a proper hygiene, if the area has a park around for children to play, if the market is nearby so that it would be easier to shop the basic necessities, if there is a metro connectivity so that it would be convenient to commute daily and the list goes on.
  • The safety of kids in the apartments also is the concern of parents that they expect to be addressed. One can look for a locality where there are crèches and schools around.

These are some of the things that every possible buyer demands in a locality. Also, bachelors studying in Bangalore prefer to live in apartments that have considerable safety policies. For example, having a CCTV camera or a security guard outside the society.

Shriram Blue Apartment accomplishes in providing all the desirable qualities in a house that buyers dream of.


Shriram blue - Buy your own dream home

Shriram Blue – Your Dream Home

USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of Shriram Blue                                                             

  • It has connectivity to Namma Metro at terminal Byappanahalli that will give the residents easy access to far-flung areas like Bannerghatta Road, Jayanagar, Kanakapura, and Mysore road.
  • Leisure destinations like ITPL, Indiranagar which is the nightlife hub of Bangalore, M.G road are at short distances. Eatery Centers like Pizza, Café coffee day, McDonald’s are easily accessible.
  • Reputed hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Sai Baba Hospital are in near vicinity.
  • Keeping the safety of kids in mind, the locality has many crèches and play schools located around. Also, there are leading educational institutions in the vicinity.
  • The vicinity has major banks and ATM’s like HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI etc.
  • It is well-connected to Bengaluru International Airport.

Various projects undertaken by Shriram group are successfully completed while some of them are still under construction. Like Shriram Blue, there are many successful projects coming up like Shriram Southern Crest, Shriram Greenfield Phase 2, Shriram Sameeksha etc.

Shriram Blue Whitefield Bangalore

What Makes Shriram Blue Different From Others.

Shriram Blue is different from other projects. Really ?

Shriram developers are quite definitely one amongst the best realtors in Bangalore. Real estate, when compared to other fields such as media, journalism, sports and telecommunications has come a long way. On the contrary, Shriram developers have contributed in high end as well as economically stable parts of the city.  Projects like Shriram blue KR Puram Whitefield Extension has become the epitome of eco friendly project so we could have a sense of belonging towards the society.


Shriram Blue - Eco friendly residential project in kr puram whitefield bangalore.

Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue Location – KR Puram Whitefield Bangalore

Whitefield on the other hand, over the years has developed tremendously. With upcoming projects with varied interests by people as well as by Shriram developers, people do not mind investing in properties around that area. This investment could then turn out to be a permanent as well as a productive investment as buying your own land and building it would end up expensive than associating oneself with Shriram developers. Residents look for choices, price based and location based. Shriram blue kr puram whitefield looks for the same and strives to give what the residents deserve.

With periodic trend analysis looking at what area the projects would come up in, Shriram developer’s marketing strategy is so on point that they have categorized their priorities in a structured way. Often it is observed that elite realtors plan in such a way, either the price mentioned isn’t acceptable or the location is quite remote compared to other real estate king pins in Bangalore.


Shriram Blue off Hoodi junction Whitefield Bangalore.

Shriram Blue Off Hoodi Junction Whitefield


Even the website matters and has a vital part on how properties could be sold. One of the projects by Shriram, Shriram blue has streamlined its opportunities as opposed to threats to serve the society in a more economical way. A holistic approach by Shriram blue Bangalore  has made sure residents have visits to the site on a regular basis to have a hands-on approach to their decision of purchase.

Distribution of floor and master plans of the site, either via email or through newsletters is what Shriram believes in and not just updating their website. Few of the projects by them, such as Shriram blue off Hoodi junction Whitefield is a testament to the fact that they have a 360 virtual view of the house/apartment when its set and done.

We all would have come to a realization now that major realtors have websites that normally display the price up front which is often categorized. This sets a pessimistic mindset on probable customers that there is no negotiation. Shriram Blue on the other hand states that they could discuss the price of the property by request. By this, we could come to a conclusion that residents/customers could first visit the site, have a brief understanding of the surroundings, facilities, amenities and then come to a price related stand point.

Another motivating aspect to be associated with the project, Shriram Blue is that the developers often assist potential customers with loan benefits and discounts on selected projects/properties. Even the early bird benefits are up for grabs to attract and retain prospective customers.

Shriram Blue Apartment Bangalore

Shriram Blue is a Newly Launched Venture Of Shriram Builders

Shriram Blue – Luxury apartment in Bangalore

Shriram Blue Luxury Apartment is the latest venture of Shriram Builders. Shriram developers have so far delivered in excess of 8.36 million sq. ft. of developed space, with 12.61 million sq. ft. to be delivered on and 45.85 million sq. ft. being taken a shot at. The group has faith in continuing with their legacy of conveying trust on the lines of essential living and high thinking.


shriram blue is a newly launched project.

Shriram Blue


Shriram Blue Bangalore would like to bring an enchanted presence with keenly arranged homes that yields all the basic extravagances to the residents of this beautiful abode. You will find broad and particularly ventilated rooms with appropriate planning and intricately designed which is encompassed by optimum greenery and land space gardens for making a quiet and strong environment for living.

This undertaking includes 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 2.5 bhk, 3 bhk, 3.5 bhk. It is noteworthy that the project is attested by BDA/BBMP, The total number of floor in this property accounts to 4 floors in addition to the ground floor and with all the lavishness and prime civilities it will make your life an easy one and provide you a home you would long to come back in.


Shriram Blue the new venture of the Shriram Builders located off old madras road Whitefield and is just at a close proximity from the major IT Hubs and hardly minutes take off from schools, hospital facilities, shopping malls. There is a Metro station coming up in the close district of the undertaking. Shriram Blue Off Old Madras Road Whitefield which is situated in Bangalore East, is a piece of the National Highway 4 and it associates two noteworthy urban communities – Mumbai and Chennai. It additionally gives smooth availability to the Bangalore airplane terminal and Railway station.


shriram blue apartment located at off old madras road bangalore.

Shriram Blue Off Old Madras Road Bangalore


Shriram Blue has best in class amenities that ranges from a clubhouse, swimming pool within the complex, gym, etc. Here you can relax up the way you like. Some more solaces that will be offered as an element of this wander are an all around furnished Basket Ball Court, Tennis Court, Kids Play Area, Skating Ring, Party Hall, Maze Garden, Amphitheater, Supermarket, etc. So hurry up book your dream home at Bangalore at very affordable price now.

With every single such luxury and facilities, Shriram Blue is certainly going to be the following huge wander of Shriram Builders, with lavishness way of life at a standout amongst the most looked for after areas.